Strange Bros. Grading Commitment to Safety

Building a Safety-First Culture at Strange Bros.

Since our beginnings 70 years ago, Strange Bros. has been a family business. Making sure that our crews and our subcontractors come home safely to their loved ones at the end of every working day is foundational for our company.

Entering 2024, Strange Bros. has earned an Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of .70, which is among the best in the Carolinas.

A key to a safe company is not only the rules and tools, but a safety mindset shared by each employee. Over the years, this ingrained mindset has built an uncompromised safety-first culture for Strange Brothers.

For this reason, we continually teach and coach to “safety thinking” … a heightened level of situational awareness and a deep commitment to co-worker safety at our facility; traveling to and from projects; and throughout our job sites.

We believe our embraced culture of safety first impacts the quality and expediency of everything we do.

Strange Bros. Grading