Strange Bros. Grading Complete Site Development

From Site Feasibility and Precise Estimating to Project Close-Out, No One Gets You Ready to Build Faster Than Strange Bros.

Time is critical in commercial real estate. When you make a decision to develop a piece of property – or simply determine feasibility – you need quick engagement and project readiness.

Now entering our 70th year, Strange Bros. brings you the insight, equipment and full capabilities to accelerate your project.

Strange Bros. Grading EquipmentHere’s how we do it:

A Fully Engaged Engineering Team
We have two field engineers ready to provide quick-turn, essential information about your land. Within a matter of days, we can fly the property, provide high-resolution aerial images and give you tight data.

Quick-Turn Estimates
Because our lead estimator has a surveying background, we’re able to work from a set of plans to fully visualize your project, from clearing to storm drain, paving, curbing and striping the pavement. This puts us in a position to ask better questions, make smart suggestions and generate a quicker, sharper estimate.

Infrastructure Planning
Civil engineers don’t always provide 100% of the infrastructure design and often lack a sense of urgency. Our job is to mobilize to ensure that all details are nailed down. Using some of the industry’s most sophisticated technologies, our engineering team moves quickly to expedite your project by identifying and resolving issues … often before you even know they exist.

“Not many graders are going to attack your challenges the way we do. They want a clean set of plans. They want everything to be fully cooked. At Strange Bros., we’re real-world problem-solvers. With a combined 300 years of grading and site prep experience, there’s not a lot we haven’t encountered.”

State-of-the-Art Surveying
Few site-development companies within South Carolina can match the investment Strange Bros. has made in surveying technologies and professional expertise. Working from engineering plans and a CAD file, we create a 3D model that is imported – along with GPS – into our on-site equipment. When the surface model is integrated with our drone software, we’re able to generate 2D photogrammetry (in a matter of minutes) that creates hundreds of overlapping photo images that enables us to compare current and design topography. Among other things, this tells us how many cubic yards of dirt must be added or removed to get to design. By integrating the drone flights during, before and after the project, we have the digital verification that when we’re as close to design as possible … and the project is complete.

The Strange Bros. fleet is among the largest in the state. More than 300+ pieces of extremely well-maintained, company-owned equipment, most of it connected with the latest digital technologies.

Total Project Focus
When our teams hit your site, it’s all business. There’s tremendous attention to planning detail that results in near-perfect choreography by our crews from sun-up to sundown. Like a precision two-minute offense 80 yards from the goal line, we methodically attack your job – from clearing and grading to storm drains, water and sewer – with a work ethic and a level of professionalism that removes any worry in your mind.

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