Strange Bros. Grading Machinery

300+ Pieces Of Company-Owned Machinery

Strange Bros. Grading 300+ pieces of machineryPart of the measure of best-in-class grading and site development companies is the investment in and quick access to a fleet of well-maintained, software-enabled heavy equipment.

We’ll put our 300+ pieces of company-owned machinery – and the 3:1 ratio of machinery to field employees – up against peers in the Carolinas.

But it’s not just the size of the fleet. It’s the way we maintain each piece of equipment. One visit to our 38-acre yard and maintenance shop on Highway 29 in Taylors, SC, and you’ll see how a 70-year legacy for organization, care and expertise is still alive today.

“What does the size and condition of our fleet mean to our customer,” asks Strange Bros. Executive Vice President Preston Baynes? “It’s tangible proof that we’re more than capable of staffing their job. It also reminds each employee here of the commitment we continue to make to be the best we can be.”

Strange Bros. Grading