Strange Bros. Grading 70-Year Legacy

A 70-Year History of Service and Leadership

Strange Bros. Grading Co., Inc. was founded in 1954 by Thomas R. Strange, Sr. and his brother Pierce W. Strange, Jr. Working with the family’s farm equipment, they handled grading jobs around the Taylors area and earned a good reputation for quality work. The two worked side by side for 35 years, until Pierce’s retirement in 1989, while continuing to bring on good people and adding new equipment.

Strange Bros. Grading HistoryTommy officially brought his son Michael Strange into the business in 1970, but Mike actually grew up on job sites and in the shop. In 1984, LeeAnn Strange Weber, Tommy’s daughter, joined the team to tackle the administrative duties. With the additions of his children, Tommy would see his company reach new heights in the upstate of South Carolina.

The Willingness to Ask and Learn

More than all the equipment that bears our name and the thousands of projects we’ve completed over the past 70 years, what truly sets Strange Bros. apart has always been a genuine desire to be of service to our customer. That means always asking questions and understanding what we can do to fully prepare a property for its intended purpose.

This willingness to ask and learn, along with the courage to invest in our people, equipment and in new technologies has endeared Strange Bros. to the most successful developers and business owners in the Upstate. By giving every customer our best over 70 years, and cultivating a special bond among our employees, we have been blessed with a healthy company and countless lifelong relationships.

Strange Bros. Grading