Strange Bros. Grading Technology

Next-Level Grading Technologies

For seventy years, the Strange Bros. name has been synonymous with site grading. Today, what sets Strange Bros. apart is the ability to manage your dirt … not just move it.

Site grading typically begins with a detailed CAD file created by the civil engineering team that addresses storm water, curbing and finished floor elevations. Strange Bros. integrates that CAD file into a 3D surface model that’s imported directly into our grading equipment, along with GPS software.

Drone Interface

Strange Bros. Grading Technology
Color spectrum images are integral for depicting the most accurate representation of the project, as well as for maximizing efficiency in grading operations. This 3D model is created by Strange Bros. in-house, and then imported into our machine-controlled software to run in conjunction with our GPS technology.

This surface model is also integrated with our drone software. Once the surface is cleared, we can fly the site for topography using 2D photogrammetry that takes an overlapped pattern of photo-images. Typically, in less than 45 minutes we can determine precisely how many cubic yards of dirt are required to get to (or removed from) the desired surface. These intricate calculations, applied to a thousand cubic yards of haul off or import, can create thousands of dollars in savings in time and fuel costs.

Strange Bros. handles everything from the tying into the boundary survey all the way through to as-builts for the storm system, curbing and getting the property ready for paving. We determine which utility company will handle sewer and storm drainage.

According to Douglas Leslie, Strange Bros. Field Engineer and drone pilot, another feature of our drone interface is providing you with updated project photography. “By integrating the drone flights before, during and after the project, we can verify that when we’re complete, our grading work is as close to design as possible. Our drone work also lets us furnish our client with site progression images. This is helpful even when you visit the site often, because especially on large sites, it’s hard to see what has happened over the course of even a month.”

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