Strange Bros. Grading Company Workers

A Brotherhood Like No Other

What is it about a Strange Bros. employee? What attracts good people to our company … and why do they stay here 20 or 30 years?

It’s probably obvious.

It’s the rush of operating heavy equipment and having cutting edge technologies in the palms of our hands. It’s the camaraderie that comes from working as a well-oiled team, often in high stress circumstances, through the heat and humidity, the wind, rain and the cold. It’s the pride that comes from walking onto a property covered in trees and unpredictable terrain, and transforming it with total precision into a buildable surface.

This brotherhood – this unique culture – started 70 years ago, when Tommy Strange began the company with a vision to build the very best team and become Upstate’s premier grading and site preparation company.

Love and Commitment

Read what Executive Vice President Preston Baynes has to say:

“We’re a family; we love each other here and we love our work. We enjoy the comradery that we have. We enjoy being there for each other. There’s a commitment to each other that our clients see … a commitment to each other here that goes beyond these walls. And that’s what you get out there. That’s why you get the product you do. It starts right here. We enjoy doing what we’re doing as a group and we want to share that.”

It’s the long hard hours we’re together, the kind of work we do, the expectations we set for each other that helps to define Strange Bros. When we’re on your site, you see a team that gets the most from every hour on the job. It comes from within each of us. It comes from the heart.

Strange Bros. Grading