Strange Bros. Grading Estimating

Estimating:  An Experienced Team Approach

Whether you’re a developer, general contractor or government agency, you depend on a high level of focus that goes into an estimate/bid. This is another critical area where Strange Bros. provides unsurpassed leadership, experience and attention to detail.

Given the intricacies of grading and site prep, along with the volume of projects we manage, we maintain a two-person estimating team to fully understand your plans and deliver detailed proposals for you and your funding sources.

A Team Approach to Problem Solving

Senior Vice President, Preconstruction Dustin Minix joined the business in 2006 and learned the business from the ground up from Michael Strange. “I saw first-hand how every job was different, with a unique set of issues to work through. I learned how to build the job in my head … then put it to paper and put the pricing on it.”

Key to a reliable estimate is a firm understanding of how the equipment works, project timelines and the cycle times of the equipment. Just as important is building a relationship with our customer. Trust is critical. It’s our job to build the job – and the budget – using problem-solving skills to work through challenges, saving time and providing smart budget stewardship.

According to Minix, “we’re all one big team here … the estimators, surveyors and project managers. And that’s a big part of the Strange Bros. story. We find solutions together, versus having to outsource to someone outside our company, who doesn’t have the same sense of urgency. As a team here, we have one client we can focus on and get to the root of the problem to save time and money.”

Strange Bros. Grading